Organic Waste Shredders as part of the feeding system to support managing the highest stability through feeding to compost to gas production, Sludge Dewatering Systems enables the recovery of organic solids for re-introduction into the digestion process from the disposable sludge produced for superior slurry disposal.

Pre-digestors enhance and upgrade the hydrolysis with a 50% increase to achieve optimal gas productivity.

Automated Gas Management Systems optimizes gas usage from production through automated gas management. Better burners, higher gas flow and pressure at the source of usage.

Sludge Mixers optimize stability with constant flux in the mixing process within so pH drops do not localize and cause the system to fail.

Scum Removers combined with chemical intervention enable the system to maintain or return to stable operation balancing accumulated undigestibles.

Anti-Foaming interventions control the chemical and biological causes of foaming and keep operational costs low.