GPS is an AD  (anaerobic digestion) technology firm based out of Bangalore, India

Why reinvent AD?

AD is the best candidate to solve the urban “organic” waste problem in an environmentally clean way (unlike incinerators). The underlying technology is time-tested, with tens of thousands of installations across Europe. However, older systems have had legacy technology shortcomings, which GPS has addressed through innovation. The result is a more efficient, effective system that also makes economic sense and provides multiple products (unlike composting, as AD generates both energy and compost).

GPS ‘ core product, The BioUrja, is a feedstock-agnostic AD plant that can process any kind of biodegradable material to generate energy, in the form of BioGas (predominantly methane). The BioUrja is arguably the world’s most efficient and most compact AD solution, with complete odour control, making it the most relevant solution for urban areas

The BioUrja is the first “Internet of Things appliance” in the bioenergy space. GPS’ proprietary, cloud-based, plant health monitoring system ensures <1% plant downtime at minimal OpEx, without the traditional need for  costly operations and maintenance staff onsite.