EPS™ is a high speed, dry, anaerobic digestion system. EPS™ digests bio waste to produce clean gas containing a high % of methane. This gas can be directly used for cooking, heating and gas engines as well as all applications that generate power. The digested liquid product can also used as fertilizer.

Plug + Play System

Extremely compact design utilizes minimal space. EPS™ coexists in any urban, commercial, industrial or rural location.
Zero disruption to daily operations. Arrives with pre-fitted components so installation is smooth and quick.

Large Scale Municipal Solid Waste Projects

EPS™ utilizes proprietary technology to design and implement scaled municipal waste processing facilities for Government and private entities.

Monitoring Methodology

Proprietary remote monitoring allows EPS™ to function *24*7 delivering consistent, peak performance.
All operational data is transmitted to EPS™ servers then analyzed by the operations team. Adjustments are identified and implemented.

Easy Operation

Elegant design allows manual or automated feeding process.
Effective shredding followed by pumping process.
Automated gas storage requires no intervention.
Efficient sludge disposal through state of the art dewatering process