Here at Emerald Phoenix Systems & Consulting we pride ourselves in providing innovative excellence in consulting services within the industry of renewable energy creation and utilization.

Organic waste diversion, compliance, systems integration, use of resources is often a complicated process that takes time, money, research, planning, and a cross -disciplinary team of experts.

Our intention and purpose is to be transparent and simplify what needs to be understood, answer the WHY and HOW as it relates to the specifics and the bigger picture so all interests are compliant and covered. While EPS systems is our plug and play sales arm for our systems. We also provide the consulting arm, EP Consulting.

Our approach to consulting simplifies and supports your navigation and compliance regarding waste recycling systems, off-the-grid clean power, renewable energy systems, vermiculture, organic soil amendment creation and use, composting, hydroponic gardening, remediation of toxic soils, disposal and recycling of F.O.G and other organic solids, organic soil amendment for cannabis cultivation, cannabis cultivation systems and lighting, cannabis cultivation greenhouses, cannabis cultivation disposal and “seed-to-sale” security systems, energy cost reductions under the PACE program.





Urban Farming Solutions

  • Grow Housing
  • Available programs and solutions for food insecure areas.
  • Nutrient dense fresh produce. 50% of the time to traditionally grow in soil.
  • Aeroponic
  • Aquaponic
  • Hydroponic

* Breathable walls
* State of the Art technology to farm in an urban setting utilizing
90% less land and water while controlling what goes in 100%
and the quality of the seeds and the water.

Organic Farming & Soil Amendment

Organic Soil Amendments for Sustainable Agriculture:
Organic Sources of:

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Organic Fertilizer Options
  • Organic Pest Control
  • Air handling & CO2 Management Systems
  • Grow & Housing Design
  • Compost
  • Raw Manure
  • Leachates and Teas



Vertical Farming

  • Aerated
  • Non-aerated tea
  • FSMA – Proposed Food Safety Modernization Act Produce Rule to meet the microbial standard
  • Potable Water
  • Application Method
  • Testing
  • Record Keeping

* A soil amendment refers to any material added to the soil to improve its physical or chemical properties.
* Food safety concerns are most often associated with biological contamination by pathogens in manure-based soil amendments.
* Chemical hazards associated with inorganic fertilizers can represent a chemical risk to crops as well as to those who apply the fertilizers.
* Reduction for contamination risk.

Hydroponic Farming & Cultivation

Cannabis Cultivation:

  • Off-Grid Power Solutions
  • Turnkey Grow System Design
  • Cultivation Process Improvement
  • Greenhouse Design & System Integration
  • Yield Enhancement Systems & Products
  • Organic Pest Control
  • Air handling & CO2 Management Systems
  • Grow Housing
  • Systems for Efficiency
  • Cannabis Waste Disposal Compliance


Cannabis Industry

Consulting Services through our Exclusive Channel Partners:

  • Cannabis Education
  • Cannabis Funding
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Cannabis Business Network

Cannabis Solutions:

  • Renewable Energy Production;
  • Energy Management
  • Energy Savings & Cost Reduction;

Organic Energy

Cannabis – 100% Organic, Non-toxic Extraction Systems:

  • Enzymatic Extraction
  • CO2 – Based Extraction Systems
  • The majority of cannabis businesses possess no outlet for byproduct disposal
    • Organic plant matter resulting from cultivation, culinary uses, and expired dispensary goods.
    • Byproduct from cannabis oil manufacturing and distillation processes, sometimes requiring butane and other solvents, which constitute a more toxic variety of waste.
  • Byproduct accumulates posing an environmental and public health risk
  • Newly proposed regulations requiring that all waste must be tested and categorized